The Best New Practice for Skin Care

Upon bathing, folks dry off and detergent residue in their towel, will coat their skin with toxic residue. It’s likely we’ll follow-up with perhaps lotion or sunblock and many of us need chap-stick. Although the sun’s UV rays can target detergent chemical, driving radiation deep into the dermal wall, it’s this UV activity that then may also effect lotions and inflict further skin damage.

As one who has gone from healthy skin for over 50 years to poor skin now at 64, I urge everyone to avoid caustic chemicals in their fabrics. Yet for people with lime disease, eczema and cancer, toxic chemicals in your clothing may lead to continuous outbreaks and perhaps unwarranted outcomes.

By using a detergent-free laundry cleaner, you may find that minimizing the skin care products become natural as you notice your skin simply feels better. Soft skin, moist lips. You’ll smile as you increase vital skin health.

Don’t take it from us: See testimony and cases of healing: here.

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Not just for Athlete’s

 Toddlers, adolescents and adults, detergent residue in clothing, which is moistened by perspiration, may enter the dermal wall on a daily basis and affect gland function.

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An estimated 95% of America’s washing machines contain internal Black sludge.

Black slime bio-oils often bleed in to fabrics during the wash cycle. This contamination may affect skin and or scalp. Plus may cause spots in fabrics.

Detergents generally contain many VOC’s (agents that become fumes with moisture at room temperature). The most harmful may be benzine and 1,4-dioxane. These are highly cancerous and detrimental to the environment, plus they aid in washing machine build-up.

People regularly perspire in clothing, fabrics which are carrying invasive detergent chemicals. Secondly, people shower everyday and then having open pores, they grasp a towel laden with detergent and washer back-wash residue and spread it in to their skin.

Knowing this about detergents, may guide you to finding a true natural washing machine flush and detergent-free fabric cleaner.

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What makes mold killers strong

Over the years I continue to research mold killers listed on the internet. My conclusion of their effectiveness, as a whole, is fair, but I suggest you do deep research as there are many details to know.

As this is the only unbiased laboratory testing I know of or was able to find, I can share AeroBiology Labs test results on Mold KillerTM. See link that shows results here: State Authority, AeroBiology Laboratory Results

The State of Michigan authorized AeroBiology Laboratories to preform tests of a mold infestation and treatment application, using Mold KillerTM. Treatment was preformed by Tony Pomales, State Certified Mold Remediation Specialist.

Mold KillerTM developed for the homeowner, is now used by professionals everywhere. Not only will it eliminate mold, it will protect the treated area from future outcrops. “Environmentally friendly Mold KillerTM” will not stain treated surfaces either.-1ihugywg.png

Builders, protect your project it’s smart to spray ahead, before stormy weather soaks your job site.