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News Release:

Skin pores may endure daily hyper-activity.

With wet skin pores, w i d e   o p e n, millions dry off using a towel coated by detergent residue.

Wait, we hesitate to say this too, yet;

Fabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain well), may be highly toxic. Caustic soap scum, trapped in heavy mildew growth, containing fecal matter and serious species of bacteria, including coliform, are regularly found in a washing machine.

This live growth will often release a toxic film during the rinse cycle AND further contaminate a wash load.

Here at Mineral Methods, we provide products to combat toxic borne growth.

  1. A good washing machine cleaner is essential for truly clean clothes, see here.
  2. A detergent-free laundry Cleaner, one that will also inhibit internal washing machine build-up, also available here.

In this site find helpful suggestion to avoid ingesting contaminates:

We worry about the millions of people who sleep on linens and perhaps breath-in detergent dust, nightly.


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Perhaps for the first time in your life, experience caustic-free clothing.