Rain, the worlds only detergent-free laundry cleaner

  • New advanced “SUDS-FREE” cleaning. Get 100% detergent-free clothing every time. Rain is also softener free, yet with Rain’s organic cleaning, it renders unmatched homemade natural softness. Never again sleep in linens carrying detergent dust. For more on Rain’s mild whole body hygienic formula, google: hypersensitive foliage response Wikipedia.
  • Having an absolute detergent-free rinse, a kids active sweat glands will never absorb insidious detergent residue. After bathing, skin pores are wide open; use a bath towel which is free of any detergent or softener chemicals.
  • RAIN INGREDIENTS: Molecule selective whole-body plant extracts (breakdown soil and dirt). Cold-press fruit protein (helps neutralize typical chemicals in fabrics). Natural mined crystalline (a bio-friendly cleansing mineral) • Organic grain electrolytes (enhanced cleaning & softening). Remove fabrics from washer promptly and dry completely.
  • Rain Laundry Detergent contains NO stain remover chemicals.  Such agents often lodge in clothing and may enter a person by normal skin or gland absorption.


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    Perhaps for the first time in your life, experience caustic-free clothing.